Secure checkout?

WooCommerce is the most popular solution for developing e-commerce site on WordPress. It has world-class support, hundreds of compatible high-quality gorgeous themes to go with enabling me to create a functioning e-commerce site quickly and effectively.

The security of WooCommerce is beyond question. Its dedicated team of developers as well as volunteers around the world (because WooCommerce is open source plugin) keep it tightly secured and safe.

Shipping time?

Suppliers ship from China to my customers. Any popular products will transition to shipment within the US. Shipping time is automatically expedited at 12-20 days and trackable. Processing time is 3-5 days.

What is your privacy policy for emails?

Heisenberg respects your privacy. Your e-mail address is completely secure. The only personal information any visitor is asked to provide on this website is name and email address. This information will be used only by Heisenberg and only to communicate with you. Any personal information collected on this website is specifically and knowingly provided voluntarily by my visitors. For questions concerning the privacy policies of Heisenberg, please contact me at hqualityjewelry@gmail.com or view our for more details.